The Pulse Check Diagnostic

from The Big Picture People

Recent research shows that employees who find their company’s purpose, vision and values meaningful have engagement levels of 68 percent, which is 19 points above average. More engaged employees are often more productive and are more effective ambassadors for your organisation.

Regardless of the sector or industry your organisation operates within, your employees have four core motivations:

  • A desire to understand the context for the work they do and how they make a difference.
  • Wanting to feel part of something bigger than their own roles, teams or departments.
  • Wanting an emotional attachment to the organisation and the work it does.
  • A need to feel that there is alignment with what is said and what is done at all levels across their organisation.

Helping your employees to connect to these core motivations and see the ‘Big Picture’ is vital. Employees who can see where they fit in are happier, more productive and more loyal to your organisation and the people it serves.

The Pulse Check Diagnostic from The Big Picture People will help you to see what you are doing well and where you can improve across these core motivational areas. It provides a snapshot view of how connected your employees are to your organisation’s ‘Big Picture’.